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Double Helix Water

Double Helix Water



It is a relatively new discovery in the field of water and health that is used to improve well-being and energy. It has been clinically shown to improve your body’s immune system as well as fight inflammation*.

Stable microscopic water particles have been discovered which do not require sub-zero temperatures to remain stable. These particles even remain stable at temperatures beyond the boiling point. Hence, they are called stable water clusters*. Double Helix Water is composed of Stable Water Clusters suspended in liquid water.


Double Helix Water was an undiscovered form or phase of water.

As the researchers began photographing this stable water cluster, they saw it attach to a bacterium and cause it to die.


Because of this phenomenon, Dr Benjamin Bonavida did a series of studies at UCLA where they first looked at any possible effect of Stable Water Clusters on the Immune System.


Current research indicates that the Stable Water Clusters in Double Helix Water somehow exert their effects at the gene level. If this is correct it could be said that it helps the DNA perform the job it’s intended to do. Double Helix Water is likely the most natural product ever found. It enhances and supports life, and it tastes just like water! 


Double Helix Water® consists of high concentrations of Stable Water Clusters in ultra-pure water. For over two decades, it has been used by thousands of doctors and people who strive to live healthier lives with less pain and more energy — especially among professional athletes.


Double Helix Water in conjunction with proper nutrition may help lay the groundwork for healthy cells and allow the body to heal itself naturally, maintain wellness, and restore vitality – starting from the inside.

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